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How to get to Konkuk University Hospital
Konkuk University Hospital is located in the northeastern part of Seoul near the Han River. The hospital is easily accessible from downtown Seoul by public transportation. If you are coming from Incheon International Airport, there are several options.
From Incheon International Airport
  • Airport Limousine

    The most convenient way to reach Konkuk University Hospital from Incheon International Airport is by airport limousine bus. Information regarding buses and limousines can be found at the passenger terminal. Bus #6013 stops at the venue. The first bus departs at 6:25 a.m. and the last bus at 10:55 pm. You can buy a ticket at a booth right outside the airport arrival gate. It will cost you ₩10,000; you must pay in cash. The bus is available every 30-40 minutes. The ride is about 90 minutes long, depending on the traffic.
  • Taxi

    If you decide to take a regular taxi, it will cost you about ₩70,000 from the airport. Note that a black taxi (deluxe taxi) costs more than a regular one.
  • Subway

    You can also take a subway from the airport. There is a new subway line from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station. From Seoul Station, you can come to Konkuk University Station (Subway Line 2 (Green) or 7 (Dark Green). For Subway Line 2, go out Exit 2 and cross the first intersection straight until you see Konkuk University Hospital on your left side. If you take Line 7 (Dark Green), go out Exit 3, you can reach the venue directly through this exit.
From anywhere in Seoul
  • Buses

    Some buses stop near the Konkuk University Hospital, and a rough list of their numbers is as follows. Please note that the bus color varies.
    Destination Bus Number
    Konkuk University Station (Near Lotte Department Store) 240, 721, 2222, 2223, 2224
    Konkuk University Hospital 240, 721, 2222, 3220, 4212
    Konkuk University (Near Ilgam Gate and KU Veterinary Hospital) 2223, 2224, 322
    Konkuk University (Close to Konkuk Gate and KU Stadium) 302, 3216